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What is PXP Esports?

PXP Esports is a new professional esports association based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our clan consists of ambitious members with all sorts of talents working together towards success in the esports scene. During this journey we aim to excel in what we do, to grow as persons and have fun together.


PXP Esports was founded in June 2020 by the two friends Ho Ming and Eric. One night in December 2019, Ho Ming, Henny and Luca were playing League of Legends in an apartment in Amsterdam. They were dreaming about starting an esports team that focused on mental and physical health, professional skills of the players and having fun besides gaming at pro level. Since Henny and Luca’s ambitions were to become pro gamers, Ho Ming and Eric took on the responsibility of creating the right environment for them to reach that goal. Soon after, a League of Legends team was formed and the journey to become active in the pro scene had begun.


PXP Esports is devoted to fostering and providing a high quality and healthy esports environment in order to give all the players and staff every opportunity to enjoy esports and to help them achieve their maximum potential in and outside of esports.


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