PXP hosts a 1v1 LoL tournament

PXP Esports will host a 1v1 tournament for members and friends. It’s time to let your buddies know who’s the smart, skillful or lucky one. 😉
The winner will receive a prize. Since it’s almost holiday season, every participant will get a goodies package. :sunglasses:

December 12 at 12pm CEST (be ready at 11.30am CEST)

Online, Summoner’s Rift

Registration form

Registration deadline
December 9 23:59:59 CEST

Max. participants
32 (first come first served)

Match conditions
The 1v1 matches will be played in the Summoner’s rift (custom game) mid lane only. Participants will be divided into 2 tiers: 1) unranked to Gold and 2) Platinum and above. Each tier has its own bracket. Each match (until semi-final) is BO3 (best of three) and thereafter BO5.

In order to win a match
– Kill enemy champion 2 times (Turret execution doesn’t count)
– Destroy the first tower (mid lane)

The exact tournament schedule will be announced later.